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Islamic Invasions, Past, Present, and Future.
( DVD $25.00 USD )

Avi Lipkin/alias Victor Mordecai teaching at a Bible Prophecy Seminar in Tyler, Texas 2003







Sleeping in America ( DVD $25.00 USD )
Avi Lipkin's teaching post 9/11 teaching at Chuck Missler's Koinonia House depicting Islamic infiltration into the US from Mexico and Canada.







Islam's Threat to the World ( DVD $110.00 USD )
Avi Lipkin's complete "flagship" teaching recorded at God's Learning Channel in Odessa, Texas in June, 2004







The Coming Conflict ( DVD $25.00 USD )
Provides the reasons for the inevitable war between the Judeo-Christian West and Iran with Israel leading the charge.







The Shiite/Sunni Houses of Islam ( DVD $25.00 USD )
Provides the history of over 1,300 years of internecine fighting between the Shiites and the Sunnis and how the Judeo-Christian West is being called upon by the Saudi/Sunnis to come to their defense.







Turkey at the Crossroads ( DVD $25.00 USD )
Predicts the aftermath of the fall of Shiite Iran and the uncontrollable rise of the Sunni Armageddon led by the renascent Turkish Islamic empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.







The Case for Mecca (DVD $25.00 USD)
Avi Lipkin/Koinonia House DVD on the role of Mecca and Medina in the Book of Exodus.





Creation Vs Destruction (Islam Prophesied In Genesis) ( Dvd $25.00 USD )
In this teaching Avi Lipkin reviews the Book of Genesis and shows the polarities and differences between the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, with Allah, the moon-god, war god and sword god of Ishmael and Islam.







The "Arab Spring" turns into a Moslem Brotherhood winter of uprisings. Avi Lipkin also discusses his conviction in a Swiss court for speaking against Islamic minarets in 2009





In Spanish:  

Los Cinco Enganos del Islam ( DVD $20.00 USD )
(The Five Deceptions of Islam) is the parallel to the English CD of Avi Lipkin/aka Victor Mordecai..





Violencia y terrorismo (DVD $20.00 USD )
This Spanish DVD details the history of the Islamic invasions of Europe and their threat to Europe today.







Guerra con Iran (DVD $20.00 USD )
(War with Iran) is the parallel teaching to the English "The Coming Conflict: Israel and Iran" of Avi Lipkin at Koinonia House.




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